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About Me

HEY THERE! I’m Dr Sarah McAleer & I Wear Many Hats 

(Literally! Since moving from Ireland to Australia, there’s hardly a photo of me without a hat on! lol!)

I’m on a mission to transform ‘poor struggling’ artists & makers into profitable businesses that understand the value of MONEY!

AND I want to show you how to do this authentically whilst staying true to your artistic and creative soul.

I’ll help you profit from your creative talents and turn them into a business that MAKES MONEY!

Now that might scare you. You may be thinking you’re gonna have to pimp yourself out … Not the case …

I KNOW how important it is to actually SELL OUT without feeling like you’ve ‘sold out’, lol (or ‘prostituted your art’ for that matter!!!!)

I give good old-fashioned everyday practical no-bullsh*t honest tips, tricks and advice based on 30 years experience of running my own jewellery business and 25 years experience of teaching, lecturing and mentoring artists and makers just like YOU!

And as I’m an artist and maker myself, I practice what I preach (well most of the time anyway), and I use all the same ‘things’ to run my own creative business!

Let me help YOU! I want you to SUCCEED!

Love Sarah xo

Wearing The Hats Of: Artist, Maker, Jeweller, Historian (I have a PhD in jewellery history, but thats a whole other story), Writer, Teacher & Mentor…oh & Mum!