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Give Your Website Some Love!

Happy Website Wednesdays!

Every Wednesday I share tips and tricks for websites - you'll see my latest tips below.

Having built 50+ websites and reviewed literally 1000's of them, I can tell you that the ONE 'thing' artist makers do NOT do is update their website enough - lol! In fact it's often the last task on your very long to-do list that gets skipped over time and time again.

Let's change that - after all, your website is your very own online gallery and cash register all in one!

So spend a little bit of time on your website each Wednesday and give your website some love!

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Is Your Website A Little Sad & Lonely?

When was the last time you updated your website? Is it looking a little sorry for itself?

Are you getting any sales from it or is it gathering dust on the inter-web-highway?

Book in for a one-to-one website review and strategy session and together we'll give it a fresh lease of life!

Your website deserves some love - not just on Wednesdays!