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Hey There Artist Maker - Let's Make Some Offer$!

Learn How To Create An Offer & Then SELL It!

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This course teaches you my repeatable 10-step framework that will help you design and create regular offers for your artist makers business.

We'll then implement that offer and work through 25 ways to learn how to SELL it - and all without overwhelm!

PLUS get access to our complimentary Facebook group for you to post questions, get feedback and join a community of other like-minded artist makers who want to make it with offers!

Offer Makers | 10 Steps To Make Offers That Sell | Course

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For Artists Maker$ Who Want To Learn How To SELL Their Art / Work / Products

In this course I’ve put together a repeatable 10-step framework that will help you create and SELL an offer FAST - and without overwhelm. I’m even setting you your first sales goal - which is to make back the money you paid for this course!

This is the introductory SPEED version of my highly effective ‘Money Monday Method’ which I use in my own business EVERY SINGLE Monday to generate leads, sales and clients. In fact in this method, I challenge my students to make $£1000 in a day - but no pressure ha ha!


Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m an artist maker just like you. I’ve created this course because I realised that as artist makers - we are NOT taught HOW to SELL!

You see, there's 2 problems when it comes to selling and creating offers for your artist maker business…

No. 1: 

We are led to believe that as artist makers we should NEVER ‘discount’ our work as this in some way ‘devalues’ it or ‘trains our customers’ to buy from us at discount prices. 


…and the reason I know this is because for years I fell into the camp of never ‘doing’ sales or offering discounts UNTIL I learnt about the power of a fantastic offer! In fact my clients have benefited from 3 years of collecting ‘free’ gold stacking rings and charms (and yes that includes during the plague lockdowns) and I STILL made money AND profit giving away high prices goodies.

There is a BIG difference between running constant discounts and sales versus having a great offer or promotion. Find your winning offers and you’ll sky rocket the money you bring into your business without having to work any harder.

No. 2:

You see, the ‘real’ problem or fear around offers is not the offer itself BUT the ‘selling’ of that offer - it boils down to the overwhelm and the pressure of…


In other words we are afraid that if we spend ‘hours and hours’ creating our products and putting an offer out, no one will buy it… 

…and so we feel like sh*t and the seed of failure is planted

…and so we give up

…and so we never try again!

BUT this is the wrong attitude - and here’s why!

By ‘trying’ - and yes by also ‘failing’ and totally sucking at our first few offers - we make each of our next attempts better and better until…

…we DO SELL that offer

…we put money into our bank

…and so we feel elated and that we’ve ‘won’.

…and we can go on to make even better offers for even more money!

You see, in the marketing / sales world, ‘trying and failing’ at offers has a name - it's called ‘AB Testing’ or ‘Split Testing’ - and it's an actual ‘thing’. 

This is where they test combinations of the same offer with different content (images, text and creatives) and they see which ONE(s) resonates the most. Then they DITCH the ONE(s) that fail AND THEN they double down on the winner(s)!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - or in our case…

Winner Winner (- ‘Cha Ching’ I can now afford to pay for my -) Chicken Dinner!

SMART marketers run MULTIPLE test offers - or experiment with the same offer using multiple different creatives UNTIL they get one that works!

And so I want to teach YOU how to put out really simple offers without overwhelm in short spans of time that YOU can test until you find YOUR winners!

To help you with the overwhelm of both creating AND selling your offer - I’ve broken my own process down into 10 simplified repeatable steps for you. 

Now I won’t lie, the first time you do these steps it IS going to take you the longest time - mainly because you’ll have to watch my videos and set up your templates and processes.

BUT I’ve already done most of the structure for you and after you’ve created your FIRST offer, you’ll have your own system set up so that your NEXT offer is about repeating the 10 steps and simply swapping in new imagery, content and information.

I’m going to show you how to…

  • Create a SELLING & Offer Strategy that you can use throughout the year
  • Set easy-to-reach sales goals - starting with making back the money you paid for this course!
  • Plan ALL the content and graphics you need quickly so that you can repeat the process and use them over again
  • Actually learn how to SELL your art / work / products
  • And last but not least - learn how to track and analyse your results so we can do our own ‘split testing’ to find our best selling offers!


Here’s what you’re going to get

This course contains 10-Steps which are split into 2 parts.

  • Part 1: Setting Up Your Offer
  • Part 2: Implementing & Selling Your Offer

Each lesson contains:

  • A written lesson containing instructions and a video discussing that steps task.

We'll be covering the following 10 lessons:

  • Step 1: Create Your Selling & Offer Strategy
  • Step 2: Set Your Money Goal(s)
  • Step 3: Select Your Specific Offer Products
  • Step 4: Create Your Offer(s)
  • Step 5: Create All Your Graphics & Content
  • Step 6: Design Your Offer Page On Your Website
  • Step 7: Design Your Sales Structure & Templates
  • Step 8: Plan Out Your Selling Content
  • Step 9: Implement Your Offer
  • Step 10: Track Your results

PLUS - theres a complimentary Facebook group for you to join other artist makers so that you can post questions and get feedback about the course tasks.


Let’s Get Offer Making! I look forward to teaching you about the power of a great offer! Love Sarah xo


Course Questions

The Black Friday Mini Training is a FREE Bonus course that teaches you how to set up your Black Friday Offer.

It follows the same principals as the main 10-Step Offer Course - but in a faster way (as in the lessons are all shorter):

The Black Friday Training outline is as follows:

  • Commit To Your Black Friday Offer
  • Part 1: What's Your Money Goal
  • Part 2: Create Your Offer
  • Part 3: Select Your Products
  • Part 4: Create Your Imagery
  • Part 5: Create Your Offer Page
  • Part 6: Plan Your Black Friday Strategy
  • Part 7: Create Your Content
  • Part 8: Implement Your Offer
  • Part 9: Be Available
  • Part 10: Sell Your Offer
  • How To Judge Your Offer

Look I'm going to be honest here - I have put this course together to teach you how to create and implement an offer for your artist maker business.

But it DOES require some work on your part. I can only teach you 'what' to do - it will be up to you to take what you learn and put it into practice.

I use the SAME strategies I am teaching you inside this course within my own jewellery and mentoring business! In fact I've used a form of this offer strategy for years.

Creating the offer is the easy part - SELLING it is the hard part. And again although 'I' can NOT sell the offer for you - I have included a lesson that covers 25 different ways to learn how to sell your offer!

You just need to pick your methods and implement them.

Once your purchase the course, lessons are released in FULL inside your member's portal on my website.

They are broken down into 2 sections and 10 steps in total. Each lesson contains written instructions plus a training video discussing that day's challenge.

The course covers 2 main ‘themes’ over 10 steps as follows:

  • Part 1: Setting Up Your Offer
  • Part 2: Implementing & Selling Your Offer

And heres the outline of the 10 steps:

  • Step 1: Create Your Selling & Offer Strategy
  • Step 2: Set Your Money Goal(s)
  • Step 3: Select Your Specific Offer Products
  • Step 4: Create Your Offer(s)
  • Step 5: Create All Your Graphics & Content
  • Step 6: Design Your Offer Page On Your Website
  • Step 7: Design Your Sales Structure & Templates
  • Step 8: Plan Out Your Selling Content
  • Step 9: Implement Your Offer
  • Step 10: Track Your results

Yes! There is a Private Facebook that accompanies the course where you can post your homework, ask questions and get feedback if you need help!

Look I'm going to be honest here - if you want results then you have to work for it!

The course has 10 steps and each step has a training that YOU need to implement and put into practice

I've designed this strategy so that it is REPEATABLE!

So the first time you set up your offer will take you the longest as you'll have to work on all the different parts.

But when you come to repeat your offer, you'll simply be using what you did before as a starting point and tweaking that to repeat it.

Payment Questions

Yes! My students and clients are from all over the world!

To pay in your own currency, just select your country in the little drop down box in the menu at the top or at the very bottom of my website

This course is to be paid-for in full before any trainings will be released.

I am soooooo looking forward to working with YOU and am confident that you will completely LOVE the 'Offer Maker$ | 10 Steps To Make Offers That Sell'!

But if, for whatever reason, you change your mind or you are not happy with your purchase, then I offer a 7-Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee within the first two weeks of purchase.

All I ask is that you complete Part 1 of trainings and all the homework and then send me an email showing me your homework and stating why the course is not for you!

I find that the students who don't see results, haven't actually done any of the lessons or implemented them. You can also see me using ALL the strategies I teach within my business(es) - so I know they work!

I pride myself in having a loyal client base and have been mentoring my students for 25+ years and I look forward to getting to know you better!