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The Monthly Membership For Artists Maker$ Who Want To ‘Make It’ On Social Media

Get weekly tips, tricks and advice based around a deep dive into a monthly Social Media topic delivered to you EVERY Social Saturday inside my NEW Social Maker$ Club monthly membership created just for artist maker$!

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Hey Artist Makers…are you…

  • Frustrated that you’re not growing on social media?
  • Confused about what, when and how many times you ‘should’ post?
  • Wondering why the heck you never sell anything? 
  • Or worried you’re going to have to put on fancy clothes, do your make up and dance?

Don’t worry - I got-you…

Join my NEW ‘Social Maker$ Club’ and get weekly Social Media tips created SPECIFICALLY for Artist Maker$ who want to ‘make it’ with their socials! 

WITHOUT EVER…having to put on fancy clothes, do your make up or dance (unless of course you want to!)


Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m an artist maker just like you. I’ve created this membership because I was fed up hearing all the cr*p and conflicting advice out there about what you ‘should and shouldn’t do’ on social media. 

Apparently instagram is dead, facebook is for grannies and tiktok is for dancing idiots - well that’s what I kept hearing!

BUT this simply is NOT true - and I know this because I’ve been experimenting with my own social media. Your audience is very much out there, BUT you need to find them and talk to them BEFORE they’re going to buy from you.

You also do NOT need a ‘huge’ following on social media to make money and make your channels successful, BUT you do need the RIGHT audience.

Now if you’re looking for a magic switch to suddenly go viral and gain thousands of followings - sorry I don’t have this for you. Well actually I ‘could’ show you how you can ‘buy’ this - but it would all be fake.

SO instead I’m going to teach you my THREE main principles of:

- Growth - how to grow your accounts

- Nurture - how to nurture your new and existing audience

- SELL - and THEN once we have to other 2 topics down we’ll learn how to sell to our audience. 

It’s a constant 3-step cycle and it will take work and commitment on your part!

We’ll look at facebook and instagram in depth - because these are STILL the two biggest contenders for your artist maker business. But we’ll also look at how we can REPURPOSE our content for other channels like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Threads, Tiktok, Twitter and Youtube.

As a maker AND mentor you’ll see me practising what I preach on my own socials (well most of the time anyway) so you’ll see the steps in action for reference.

So let's get on with it…


Here’s what you’re going to get:

  • Members portal on website
  • PLUS private members-only Facebook group for community and discussion
  • Each Month
    • Deep dive into a monthly topic
    • 3 Core Themes = 
      • Grow
      • Nurture
      • Sell
    • Next 4 month’s topics = 
      • Sep 23 - Who Is Your Audience
      • Oct 23 - Grow Your Followers
      • Nov 23 - Attraction Versus Nurture Content
      • Dec 23 - Learning To Sell
    • The Monthly Media call
      • Mentoring call where you can ask me any questions about the topic of the month and get live answers.
      • Held LIVE on zoom and inside the FB group - calls recorded and put into members site within 48hrs
  • Each Week 
    • Tips based around the monthly theme launched every Social Saturday
      • Either as an educational post or as a video
      • All tips posted into the membership site and referenced in the FB group
    • Q&A posts to get help
  • PLUS
    • The Viral Vault - a collection of viral videos for research
    • The Social Maker$ Directory - connect with your fellow Social Maker$
  • Social Saturdays - how to be more social on socials


There’s no joining fee or lock-in contract. 

  • Choose to pay month to month - you’ll be charged a monthly recurring subscription. If you cancel your payment you’ll get access to the membership for the month you’ve paid for and then you’ll lose access to ALL trainings after that. 
  • Choose to pay yearly for an annual saving - you’ll be charged a yearly recurring subscription. If you cancel your payment you’ll get access to the membership for the year you’ve paid for and then you’ll lose access to ALL trainings after that.

Refund Policy

  • I am soooooo looking forward to working with YOU and am confident that you will completely LOVE the 'Social Maker$ Club'!
  • But if, for whatever reason, you change your mind or you are not happy with your purchase, then I offer a 14-Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee within the first 2 weeks of purchase.
  • All I ask is that you attend your first 2 weeks of trainings, complete any of the set homework and then send me an email showing me your homework and stating why it's not for you!

So now we’ve got all that out of the way - Join Me! Let’s have some fun and I look forward to being social with you! Love Sarah xo


Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime.

Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime.