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Email Strategy Sessions

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The Email Review is for artist makers who want a personal review of one or more of their ‘Email Sequences’ or ‘Email Series’ with recommendations on how to improve them.

PLUS get a one-to-one 1-hour coaching call to work through all suggestions!

When someone lands on your website, they don’t become a customer straight away! In fact its more likely that they’ll click away. 

SO what we want them to do is sign up to our email newsletter and then we want to send them a ‘welcome email sequence’ so that we nurture that person through a series of emails.

Next we’ll send them regular weekly and monthly emails as a way to build a relationship with them in the hope that somewhere down the line they’ll become our customer.

And once they become our customer we’ll then send them thank you emails and later down the track other emails to entice them to buy from us again.

And these emails are ALL called ‘flows’!

Do you have yours set up?

Wouldn’t it be lovely if someone else could just cast an eye over your email offerings and give you some pointers on what to do next?

Well let me help!

I believe in working with what you’ve got right now and I look at how I can give you practical suggestions that are easy to implement so we can make your email presence better!


How we get started…

  • Get a review of one of your current email sequences.
  • We start with a quick chat via email and I may send you a short questionnaire so that I can gather some starting points.
  • After chatting with you, you’ll then need to send me your current emails so that I can review them

What I do…

  • Depending on what you want and what you already have in place, I look at many things like your visual branding as well as your writing style and imagery and how these are working / not working together.
  • (You’ll receive my thoughts & advice) … I give both my thoughts and opinions as well as suggestions and recommendations on how you can utilise these better.
  • I always give positive advice (or constructive criticism if needed) and I try to give practical tips that are easy to implement.

What email sequences do I review…

  • You’ll need to choose which email sequence you want reviewed like: welcome email sequence, post purchase email sequence, customer win back sequence.

What I don’t do…

  • I believe in working with what you’ve got right now and how you can make it better!
  • This isn’t like ‘school’ either – I DON’T shout at you or tell you everything is crap but I will give you my honest opinion!
  • I DON’T ‘do’ the writing or the design for you - thats up to you.
  • I also DON’T ‘do’ the recommendations myself lol – it's up to you to actually implement the changes, that’s your part of the homework!

What you get…

  • I will provide you with a full report of my findings, suggestions and recommendations either as a written-up document and / or via a video recording.
  • My report will give you an overview of my findings and an actionable list of goals for you to implement.
  • PLUS you'll get a one-to-one 1-hour coaching call to work through all suggestions!

How long will it take…

  • After our initial discussion, I aim to provide you with your report within one week.
  • Then we'll meet via video to discuss the suggestions.