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Mentor-Sesh Injection - 1 Hour Coaching Call

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Now Booking For Jan / Feb 2024


The Mentor-Sesh is a 1-Hour coaching call that will ‘inject’ that spark of energy, know-how and guidance back into your artist maker business so you can get out of a rut and move forward.

How would it feel to get your burning questions answered so you are free of confusion, know what you are going to do next AND can banish indecision for good?

Pretty damn good right?

I’ve called it the Mentor-Sesh ‘Injection’ because in this 1-Hour session we’re going to ‘inject’ THREE things into your business - clarity, strategy AND action - around ANY question or problem that you are struggling with.

Together we will...

  • Inject clarity into an issue that's been confusing you.
  • Inject a strategy into an area of your business that needs direction.
  • Inject action into those tasks you have been procrastinating about!

Let's discuss your ideas, problems, questions (or whatever is holding you back) and work out a ‘game-plan’ (as I like to call it) that will allow you to move forward in your art or maker business with ‘real life’ actionable steps.

Simply put, I’ll help you answer your business questions and suggest what you should focus on next!

So you'll go from stuck to UNSTUCK with do-able steps. 

Lets Get Started!

The Mentor-Sesh is a private one-to-one mentoring call - ie its just me and you - you get my individual attention.

You can get help with anything that you are currently stuck on in your art or maker business, however please remember that the Mentor-Sesh is only ONE hour long, so I can’t solve ‘everything’ in this time frame!

If it's your FIRST (session or you need a ‘Help Me’ session), you can use your hour to off-load ALL your business woes and worries. Then we'll put a plan in place for the next few months and decide what you need to tackle first.

If you’ve already had a coaching call with me, then think of the Mentor-Sesh like an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session - choose a question around…

  • Issues with your maker business in general,
  • Issues around money and sales
  • Or Issues with your website, email list and social media.

To get the most out of your session, it’s always best to have your question in mind before we start. That way we can create a more focused plan of action!

Here’s How We're Gonna Roll…

✦ The Mentor-Sesh is a ONE HOUR coaching call.

✦ Once you’ve purchased your Mentor-Sesh, you'll receive an email so you can book in your session in my calendar.

✦ We’re going to talk via Zoom video-link (don’t worry you’ll be emailed instructions).

✦ The call will be recorded so you can focus on getting the most from our discussion.

✦ After the call you'll get a link to our video recording.

✦ PLUS you'll receive any notes I take.

✦ AND you will receive at least THREE actionable ‘next steps’!

I Look Forward To Working With You!!!