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Hey Artists & Makers!

It's Time To Kickstart Your Social Media

Learn About What To Post & When, Learn How To Attract Your 'Right' Audience, Learn How To Grow Your Followers AND We'll Even Set Up Your Emails & Website For A Selling Challenge!

The Social Media Kickstart is the EXACT method I used to grow one of my own stagnant instagram accounts from 3.6k to 10k+ followers in 7 months & a second account from 66 to 6k followers in 3 months!

PLUS You Get BONUS Access To Our Members-Only Facebook Group, Where You'll Meet Over 100+ Other Artist Makers Who're Making It With Their Socials This Year!

Social Media Kickstart | 30-Day Challenge | Course

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For Artists Maker$ Who Want To Kickstart Their Social Media In 30 Days

This fast paced challenge is full of actionable daily tips and tricks to get your social media off the ground and running! We’ll be looking at finding, growing and nurturing your audience in a jam packed 30 days of (mostly) fun activities created JUST for artist makers!


Hey Artist Makers…

...I don’t have a magic ‘how to go viral formula’ but if you want real-life actionable tips to grow your social media without having to friggin dance in videos…then I’ve got you covered.

Take my 'Social Media Kickstart Challenge’ and get DAILY tips over the next 30 days SPECIFICALLY for artist makers who want to grow on their socials! 

And I promise you’ll NEVER have to do ANY silly dances (unless of course you want to!)


Hi! I’m Sarah and I’m an artist maker just like you. I’ve created this course because I was fed up hearing that instagram is dead, facebook is for grannies and tiktok is for dancing kids!

Your audience IS on social media right NOW, BUT you’ll need to find them and build a relationship with them BEFORE they’re EVER going to buy from you.

Neither do you need a ‘huge’ following on social media to make money, BUT you do need the RIGHT audience.

SO in this 30-day challenge we’re going to be looking at 4 main themes of 

  • Building Your Audience
  • Attracting Your Audience & Growing Your Followers
  • Nurturing Your New & Existing Followers
  • How To Start The Selling Process

We focus on Facebook and Instagram - because these are STILL the two biggest contenders for your artist maker business. However you can apply the same strategies to other platforms!

I know social media is a BIG source of frustration and confusion for lots of artist makers, so let's change that!


Here’s what you’re going to get:

All 30 challenge lessons are released as soon as you sign up.

Each lesson is designed to take you no more than 1 hour per day. That way over the next 30 days you are spending this hour working ON your social media to progress it - rather than wasting time scrolling!

For those of you who like to blast through lessons in chunks, you're welcome do that also!

Each day there’s a post which contains:

  • Either a written lesson of instructions or a video discussing that day's exercise
  • Each lesson builds on the one before and has been purposely put in order of learning a 'pathway'

We're going to be covering 4 main ‘themes’ over the next 30 days:

  • Week 1: Build Your Audience
  • Week 2: Attract Your Audience
  • Week 3: Nurture Your New & Existing Followers
  • Week 4: Start The Selling Process


Take The Challenge! Let’s have some fun and I look forward to growing your socials with you! Love Sarah xo


Course Questions

Look I'm going to be honest here - if you do the work you get results! It's really that simple.

I've grown my own mentoring instagram account from 3.6k following in early 2023 to 10k+ following by Dec 23 - 7 months later!

The account was totally dead when I started working on it and I had only posted a handful of times in the previous year.

I used ALL the strategies I am teaching you inside this course!

BUT I work ON my account EVERY SINGLE DAY! I made the decision to 'show up' and the hard work paid off!

If you look at Bev's testimonial above - she started with only 70 followers and reached 2k followers within 7 weeks and then 4k followers in another 2 months.

She took the lessons from this course and she DID THE WORK!

So show up, do the work and reap the rewards!

Challenge lessons will be released each day inside your member's portal on my website.

Each day there’ll be a post which contains either a written lesson of instructions and / or a video discussing that day's challenge.

The course covers 4 main ‘themes’ over the next 30 days:

  • Week 1: Build Your Audience
  • Week 2: Attract Your Audience
  • Week 3: Nurture Your New & Existing Followers
  • Week 4: Start The Selling Process

And heres the outline for the 30 days of lessons:

  1. Get Posting
  2. Basic Account Starting Points
  3. Your First / Next 1K Goal
  4. Use Your Words
  5. Turn Your Words Into Search Terms
  6. Who Is Your Client
  7. Craft Your Bio To Attract Your Audience
  8. Get Posting AND Planning
  9. The Content Funnel
  10. Attraction Content
  11. Captions
  12. Hashtags
  13. Growth Content
  14. Boost Your Follower Growth With Ads
  15. Nurture Content
  16. Plans & Patterns
  17. The Ins & Outs Of Different Types Of Posts
  18. Community Content
  19. Tidy Up Your Profiles
  20. Create A Links Page On Your Website
  21. Set Up Your First Welcome Email
  22. Customer content
  23. Plan Your Weekly Emails
  24. Selling Content
  25. Selling Challenge
  26. Following Up
  27. Repurpose Your Content
  28. Quick-er Wins
  29. What Makes A ‘Good’ Account
  30. How To ALWAYS Be A Winner

Yes! There is a Private Facebook that accompanies the challenge where you can post your homework and ask questions if you need help!

Look I'm going to be honest here - if you want results then you have to work for it!

The challenge is 30 days long with a lesson each day.

I've designed it so that each exercise should take around 1 hour to complete.

In doing the exercises, you are ALSO spending that hour working ON your social media rather than wasting time surfing the net!

Payment Questions

Yes! My students and clients are from all over the world!

To pay in your own currency, just select your country in the little drop down box in the menu at the top or at the very bottom of my website

This course is to be paid-for in full before any trainings will be released.

I am soooooo looking forward to working with YOU and am confident that you will completely LOVE the 'Social Media Kickstart | 30 Day Challenge'!

But if, for whatever reason, you change your mind or you are not happy with your purchase, then I offer a 14-Day No Hassle Money Back Guarantee within the first 2 weeks of purchase.

All I ask is that you attend your first 2 weeks of trainings, complete any of the set homework and then send me an email showing me your homework and stating why it's not for you!