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Costings Strategy Sessions

The Costings Strategy Session is a 1.5-Hour one-to-one coaching call for artist makers who want to get a handle on how much their business ‘should’ cost to run; how to work out their hourly rate and price their work ‘correctly’; AND how to pay themselves a salary!


I’m going to be honest here - the topic of ‘Money’ is often a dirty word for most artist makers and as a collective we are either embarrassed or down right terrified to discuss our money issues.

So I’ve designed this Costings Strategy Session as a way for ‘us’ (that's you and me) to start taking a ‘gentle’ look at your business ‘Costs’ and ‘Costings’ in a relaxed, no-pressure and non-judgemental setting.

In this 1.5-Hour session we will focus on the costs involved in YOUR artist maker business, so that we can work out THREE things: 

  • Your Maker’s Rate Per Hour
  • Your Yearly Salary
  • & Your Product Prices

As this is a one-to-one session, this is totally tailored to YOU and YOUR business - because we are not all the same and each business I mentor has a totally different set of personal and business circumstances which affects our business costs.

At the end of the session, you’ll walk away with a complete ‘action plan’ for your business costs and costings - aka YOUR Costings Strategy!

How cool is that!


Let's Get Started!

The Costings Strategy Session is a private one-to-one mentoring call - ie: its just me and you - you get my individual attention!

This strategy session is geared around the idea of ‘Costs’ and ‘Costings’ in your makers business. We will look specifically at…

  • How To Find Your ‘Correct’ Rate Per Hour
  • How To Price Your Products To Make Profit
  • How To Work Out Your Yearly Salary (& Suggestions On How To Start Paying Yourself This!)

To get the most out of your session, there’s a short questionnaire I will need you to fill out beforehand so that I have some basic details about your maker business before we begin. Don’t worry, it's not scary! That way we can create a more focused plan of action!



✦ The Costings Strategy Session is a 1.5 HOUR (90 Mins) one-to-one mentoring call.

✦ Once you’ve purchased your Costings Strategy Session, you'll receive an email so you can book in your session in my calendar.

✦ You will also receive a ‘more details’ form which you MUST fill in before our session can go ahead.

✦ We’re going to talk via Zoom video-link (don’t worry you’ll be emailed instructions).

✦ The call will be recorded so you can focus on getting the most from our discussion.

✦ After the call you'll get a link to our video recording.

✦ PLUS you'll receive any notes I take.

✦ AND you will receive an actionable ‘Costings Strategy’ that you can use and implement straightaway!


Disclaimer: I am NOT a financial advisor or accountant and these sessions do NOT constitute ‘financial advice’. Sarah McAleer Mentorsmith offers everyday tips and advice based on my own 25-30+ years of experience as a historian / jeweller and teacher / mentor to help you run and grow your artist maker business. Should you choose to act upon my help, you do so entirely of your own choice and freewill and I am not liable for any direct or indirect claim, loss or damage resulting from use of my information. If you require ‘specific’ financial advice, I recommend that ALL my students seek professional financial and legal guidance as well as employing the services of an accountant for accounts and tax purposes.