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Offers Strategy Sessions

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The Offers Strategy Session is a 1.5-Hour one-to-one coaching call for artist makers who want to get a handle on how to create and implement ‘best selling offers’ in their business instead of ‘doing discounts’ (which don’t work anyway!)!


Most artist makers do NOT know how to SELL. In fact I’d go as far as to say that NO artist makers really know how to sell since I believe that we have NEVER actually been taught how to sell our work!

So I’ve designed this Offers Strategy Session as a way for ‘us’ (that's you and me) to plan the offers and promotions you need to be running in your artist maker business throughout the year.

In this 1.5-Hour session we will focus on the difference between discounts and sales versus offers and promotions, so that we can work out THREE things: 

  • What ‘Should’ You Be Discounting
  • How Many Sales ‘Should’ Your Run Per Year
  • Plus Creating Your Monthly Offer & Promotion Plan

As this is a one-to-one session, this is totally tailored to YOU and YOUR business - because we are not all the same and each business I mentor has a totally different set of personal and business circumstances which affects the offers our business needs to offer (ha ha, get the pun?)!

At the end of the session, you’ll walk away with a complete ‘yearly action plan’ for your business’s discounts and offers - aka YOUR Offers Strategy!

How cool is that!


Let's Get Started!

The Offers Strategy Session is a private one-to-one mentoring call - ie: its just me and you - you get my individual attention!

This strategy session is geared around planning the ‘Offers & Promotions’ you need for your artist makers business. We will look specifically at…

  • What ‘Should’ You Be Discounting
  • How Many Sales ‘Should’ Your Run Per Year
  • Plus Creating Your Monthly Offer & Promotion Plan

To get the most out of your session, there’s a short questionnaire I will need you to fill out beforehand so that I have some basic details about your maker business before we begin. Don’t worry, it's not scary! That way we can create a more focused plan of action!


Here’s How We're Gonna Roll…

✦ The Offers Strategy Session is a 1.5 HOUR (90 Mins) one-to-one mentoring call.

✦ Once you’ve purchased your Offers Strategy Session, you'll receive an email so you can book in your session in my calendar.

✦ You will also receive a ‘more details’ form which you MUST fill in before our session can go ahead.

✦ We’re going to talk via Zoom video-link (don’t worry you’ll be emailed instructions).

✦ The call will be recorded so you can focus on getting the most from our discussion.

✦ After the call you'll get a link to our video recording.

✦ PLUS you'll receive any notes I take.

✦ AND you will receive an actionable ‘Offers Strategy’ that you can use and implement straightaway!


Disclaimer: I am NOT a financial advisor or accountant and these sessions do NOT constitute ‘financial advice’. Sarah McAleer Mentorsmith offers everyday tips and advice based on my own 25-30+ years of experience as a historian / jeweller and teacher / mentor to help you run and grow your artist maker business. Should you choose to act upon my help, you do so entirely of your own choice and freewill and I am not liable for any direct or indirect claim, loss or damage resulting from use of my information. If you require ‘specific’ financial advice, I recommend that ALL my students seek professional financial and legal guidance as well as employing the services of an accountant for accounts and tax purposes.