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Making Artist Maker$ MAKE MONEY

Learn How To GROW Your Handmade Business OFFLINE Whilst Making Your Website, Emails & Socials SELL ONLINE

I Work With Time-Poor, Cash-Strapped & Frustrated Artist Makers Who Want To…

✔️ Build sustainable artist maker businesses

✔️ Become master crafts(wo)men at sales & marketing

✔️ Learn how to take control of their money

✖️ WITHOUT having to waste countless hours battling with your website; failing miserably at growing your email list and social media followers; OR thinking you’ll have to dance in videos (cause who wants to do that anyway?!)

I’ll teach you how to find more time to MAKE AND SELL every single week on repeat!

I Help Artist Maker$ In 3 Ways

Take One Of My Self-Guided Courses, Let Me Help You Build A Plan Of Action Or Get Me All To Yourself With A 1-To-1 Coaching Call!

I Help Artist$ In 3 Days

Each Week I Give Tips & Advice Around 3 Themes:

Money Tips On Mondays, Website Help On Wednesdays And ALL Things Social Media & 'Being Social' On Saturdays!

Institutions Worked With

I give good old-fashioned everyday practical no-bullsh*t honest tips, tricks and advice based on 30+ years experience of running my own jewellery business and 25+ years experience of teaching, lecturing and mentoring artist makers just like YOU!

I've also had the pleasure of working with some great institutions - like the ones below - along the way!

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